Roulette Strategy: Mastering the Game for Success

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By Lars Wahlström - Updated 2023-05-26

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Roulette Strategy: Mastering the Game for Success

Roulette is a classic casino game that has captivated the interest of millions of players worldwide. With the rise of online gambling, enthusiasts can now enjoy playing their favourite roulette games from the comfort of their homes. Players often employ various strategies while placing their bets to increase the odds of winning and make the game more engaging.

This article will discuss some of the most effective online roulette strategies, ranging from the classics, such as the Martingale and D'Alembert systems, to more modern approaches.

Even-money bets, such as red or black, are the foundation for many of the best strategies, as they offer a near 50-50 chance of winning. A well-crafted betting system can help improve a player's odds, allowing for a more enjoyable and potentially profitable gaming experience.

Players can choose the strategy that suits their bankroll and playing style, from conservative approaches to riskier methods.

It is important to note that no strategy guarantees consistent winnings, as roulette remains a game of chance. However, understanding various betting systems can enhance a player's approach, increasing excitement and potential rewards. The following sections delve into the intricacies of the different strategies, providing insights on maximizing your roulette playing experience.

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Understanding Online Roulette

Game Basics

Online roulette is a popular casino game with a spinning wheel and a ball. The game aims to predict where the ball will land on the wheel. The wheel has numbered pockets ranging from 1 to 36 and either a single zero (European roulette) or a single and double zero (American roulette). European roulette has a lower house edge, making it a more attractive option for players.

To play roulette online, players place bets on either a single number or a range of numbers and various other outcomes such as black or red, odd or even, low (1-18) or high (19-36). The croupier online casino then spins the wheel in one direction and the ball in the opposite direction. They win if the ball lands on a pocket corresponding to a player's bet.

Types of Bets

There are numerous types of bets available in online roulette:

  • Inside bets: These bets include single numbers or small groups of numbers.
    • Straight Up: A bet on a single number with the highest payout of all bets (35:1).
    • Split: A bet divided between two adjacent numbers, with a payout of 17:1.
  • Outside bets: These bets offer lower payouts but cover larger groups of numbers.
    • Red or Black: A bet on whether the ball will land on a red or black pocket, with a payout of 1:1.
    • Odd or Even: A bet on whether the ball will land on an odd or even number, with a payout of 1:1.
    • Columns and Dozens: Bets on 12 numbers at once, with a payout of 2:1.

Odds and Payouts

Different bets in online roulette come with varying odds and payouts. Understanding the odds and payouts for each type of bet helps players make informed decisions and maximize their winning potential.

For European roulette (single zero), the following odds and payouts apply:

Bet TypeOdds of WinningPayout
Straight Up1 in 3735:1
Split1 in 18.517:1
Red or Black1 in 2.061:1
Odd or Even1 in 2.061:1
Columns/Dozens1 in 3.082:1

For American roulette (double zero), the odds are slightly different due to the additional pocket:

Bet TypeOdds of WinningPayout
Straight Up1 in 3835:1
Split1 in 1917:1
Red or Black1 in 2.111:1
Odd or Even1 in 2.111:1
Columns/Dozens1 in 3.162:1

With this knowledge, players can make informed decisions about their bets and tailor their approach to suit their style and bankroll.

Online Roulette Strategies

Online roulette, like its physical counterpart, is a popular game where players bet on the outcome of random numbers generated by a spinning wheel. This section discusses some common online roulette strategies players can employ to increase their chances of winning.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is a betting system where players double their bets after each loss, eventually aiming to recover all losses with a single win. This strategy best suits even money bets such as Red/Black, Odd/Even, and 1-18/19-36. Here's how the Martingale strategy works:

  1. Start with a small initial bet, e.g., NZ$1.
  2. If you win, maintain the same bet size for the next round.
  3. If you lose, double the bet size for the next round.

Remember that this strategy requires a large bankroll and can quickly reach table limits.

D'Alembert Strategy

The D'Alembert strategy is another popular betting system where players increase their bets by one unit after each loss and decrease after each win. Here's a step-by-step guide for using the D'Alembert strategy:

  1. Start with a small initial bet, e.g., NZ$1.
  2. If you win, decrease the bet size by NZ$1 for the next round.
  3. If you lose, increase the bet size by NZ$1 for the next round.

This strategy is less aggressive than the Martingale and better suited for players with limited bankrolls.

Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci strategy is based on the famous Fibonacci sequence, where each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. In this strategy, players increase their bets according to the Fibonacci sequence after a loss and decrease by two steps after a win. Here's how the Fibonacci strategy works:

  1. Start with the first number of the sequence as your initial bet, e.g., NZ$1.
  2. If you win, move two steps back in the sequence for the next round.
  3. If you lose, move one step forward in the sequence for the next round.

When using this strategy, stick to even money bets for the best chances of success.

Labouchere Strategy

The Labouchere strategy, or the split martingale or cancellation system, involves players using a predetermined sequence of numbers to determine their bet size. Here's a guide for using the Labouchere strategy:

  1. Create a sequence of numbers, e.g., 1-2-3-4.
  2. The initial bet is the sum of the first and last numbers, e.g., NZ$5 (1+4).
  3. If you win, remove the first and last numbers and move on to the next set, e.g., 2-3.
  4. If you lose, add the lost bet to the end of the sequence, e.g., 1-2-3-4-5.

This strategy can be used with even money bets and requires a manageable bankroll.

Online Roulette Strategies

Money Management

Setting a Budget

When it comes to online roulette, setting a budget is a crucial first step in developing a money management strategy. This budget should be an amount you can afford to lose without causing financial stress. To ensure responsible gambling, consider the following pointers:

  • Determine your weekly or monthly gambling allowance.
  • Stick to your budget and avoid chasing losses.
  • Be prepared to adjust your budget as needed based on your financial situation.

Bankroll Management

Managing your bankroll is another important aspect of money management in online roulette. This involves determining how much money you will use during a roulette session and managing your bets accordingly. Here are a few strategies to consider for effective bankroll management:

  1. The Envelope Method involves splitting your bankroll into smaller portions, such as daily or session-based envelopes. This helps limit your losses during a single roulette session and ensures you have the funds to play on multiple occasions.
  2. The Martingale Approach: In this strategy, you double your bet each time you lose, aiming to recover lost amounts with a single win. However, this can lead to increasingly large bets and potential losses, so proceed cautiously.
  3. Win and Loss Limits: Establish win and loss limits for each roulette session. For example, if you have a NZ$100 bankroll, you might set a loss limit of NZ$50 and a win limit of NZ$50. This encourages you to take a break when you hit either limit, reducing the risk of chasing losses or overextending your wins.

By focusing on setting a budget and managing your bankroll, you can minimize risks and maximize enjoyment while playing online roulette. Each player's money management strategy will vary based on their financial situation and personal preferences, so finding a method that works best for you is important.

Selecting an Online Roulette Casino

Licenses and Regulations

When choosing an online roulette casino, it's essential to select a site that holds the appropriate licenses and adheres to local regulations. Licensed gaming sites provide a secure environment and are subject to regular audits by authoritative bodies.

To ensure a smooth gaming experience, always join a licensed casino and follow the local laws related to online gambling.

Variety of Games

In addition to checking licenses and regulations, it's crucial to find a casino offering a wide range of roulette games, including:

  • Classic European Roulette: This game features a single zero and offers more favorable odds to players.
  • American Roulette: A variation with an extra double zero, resulting in a higher house edge.
  • French Roulette: Similar to European Roulette but with additional rules like “La Partage” and “En Prison” that can further improve the player's odds.
  • Live Dealer Roulette: This combines the excitement of a brick-and-mortar casino with the convenience of online gaming through real-time video streaming of an actual dealer.

By selecting an online casino with diverse roulette games, you can tailor your gaming experience and apply the strategy that best suits your playing style.

Selecting an Online Roulette Casino

Popular Online Roulette Variants

One of the most exciting aspects of online roulette is the variety of game variants available to players. In this section, we will discuss some of the most popular online roulette variants, ensuring you understand each game's unique characteristics.

European Roulette

European Roulette is the most commonly found game variant in online casinos. This version has a wheel with 37 numbered slots, including numbers 1 to 36 and a single 0. This offers players a more favourable house edge of 2.7% compared to other variants like American Roulette.

American Roulette

American Roulette features a wheel with 38 numbered slots, including numbers 1 to 36, a single 0, and an additional 00 slot. This extra 00 slot increases the house edge to 5.26%, making it less favourable for players than European Roulette. However, American Roulette remains popular among those who enjoy the additional risk and challenge.

French Roulette

French Roulette is similar to European Roulette regarding the wheel layout, with 37 slots and a single 0. However, it offers unique betting options and rules such as “La Partage” and “En Prison,” which further lower the house edge to 1.35% on specific bets.

Mini Roulette

As the name suggests, Mini Roulette is a simplified and smaller version of the game. With only 13 slots on the wheel (6 red, 6 black, and 1 green 0), it offers fewer betting options, but the quick pace and straightforward rules make it an appealing choice for newer players or those seeking a break from traditional roulette games.

Multiple-Roulette Wheel Variants

A few online roulette games feature more than one wheel, requiring players to place bets on each wheel, potentially increasing the chance of winning on any single spin. While these online games offer unique experiences, they often require larger wagers due to the multiple wheels.

Online roulette offers several popular variants to suit players' preferences and strategies. Whether you prefer classic European Roulette, challenging American Roulette or unique French Roulette, there's a game out there that's perfect for you.

Popular Online Roulette Variants

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When playing online Roulette, avoiding common mistakes can significantly improve your gameplay and increase your chances of winning. Below are some of the typical errors players make:

  • Playing without a strategy: Jumping into a game without having a strategy or plan can result in erratic bets and loss of money. Ensure you have a basic understanding of betting strategies and employ methods that suit your playing style.
  • Chasing losses: Trying to recover past losses by doubling up bets is risky and can lead to further losses. Instead, maintain your betting rhythm and adapt your strategy as needed.
  • Ignoring outside bets: Outside bets, such as odd or even and red or black, have a higher probability of winning than single-number bets. Focusing on these bets can lead to more consistent wins.
  • Blaming wheel bias: Online casinos use complex algorithms and constantly check their wheels for potential biases. Trying to predict a bias due to mechanical problems is not productive and wastes time.
  • Not setting win/loss limits: To ensure responsible gambling set a predetermined amount for both wins and losses. This practice helps prevent playing emotionally and encourages players to quit while they're ahead.

By avoiding these common mistakes, players can maximize their chances of success while enjoying their time at the online Roulette table.


In online roulette, numerous strategies have been developed to help players increase their chances of success. The James Bond strategy, for example, is an exciting and higher-budget option for placing bets on specific sections of the table. Other popular methods include the D'Alembert and the Martingale systems—both of which have unique advantages and drawbacks.

However, it's crucial to remember that no single strategy guarantees success in roulette. The nature of the game remains heavily reliant on chance, and each wheel spin is an independent event. Hence, understanding and employing these strategies can help improve one's odds, but they cannot always guarantee a win.

Some key takeaways from the various strategies are:

  • Research and select a strategy that suits your playing style and budget.
  • When possible, opt for a single zero roulette wheel for better odds.
  • Employ responsible gambling habits, such as setting limits and taking breaks.

In closing, online roulette merits both skill and luck. While the best strategies strive to give players an edge, players need to recognize the inherent uncertainty of the game and play within their limits. By doing so, they can enjoy the thrill of online roulette and the possibility of success while minimizing potential losses.