No Wagering Casinos in Canada

No wagering casinos are great because there’s nothing worse than winning big off a free spin, only to have the winnings denied to you unless you make a big wager. You’re there to gamble, so you’re likely going to wager anyway. That said, you want free spins and bonuses with no wagering requirements. Otherwise, it’s a little bit of a bait and switch, which is no fun at all.

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Canadian No Wagering Casinos

Free spins are great. A lot of Canadian casinos offer free spins just for signing up as a welcome bonus. Other casinos in Canada only give you free spins after you make an initial deposit. However, that’s still a great deal! A lot of casinos also have wagering requirements attached to your free spins. What this means is that when you win on a free spin, you’re not able to withdraw that money unless you wager a certain amount.

First Deposit Bonus No Wagering Slots

No wagering casinos are online casinos that give you free spins on slots and let you keep and withdraw your winnings without having to wager a certain amount. You can play slots just after making your first deposit and take your winnings when you win. After all, if you win the money, you should be able to keep it.

Low Wagering vs No Wagering Bonuses

It's no secret that wagering requirements are very unpopular with gamblers. This is why low wagering and no wagering bonuses are becoming more and more common. Undoubtedly, no wagering bonuses are the best, because you instantly get to keep whatever you win off of your bonus. Low wagering bonuses, on the other hand, still having wagering requirements, though they're significantly lower than usual. For example, while a standard requirement might make you wager 35x your winnings, a low wagering bonus might only ask for 10x your winnings. So lower wagering is good, but no wagering is best.

Advantages of Playing at Wager-Free Online Casinos

Wagering requirements are generally tucked away in the fine print. This is because a steep wagering requirement can totally ruin an otherwise awesome bonus. If the requirement is too high, then it doesn't matter how much you win, because you're going to lose it all trying to meet that requirement. If you play at a wager-free online casino, though, there's no funny business. And if you're given free spins, anything you win off of those spins is yours to keep, right away. There's no special terms and conditions. Your winnings are your winnings, whether it's a dollar or a thousand dollars.

Bonuses and Free Spins With No Wagering Requirements

Casino bonuses with no wagering requirements are the best because wagering requirements sort of sour the whole deal. Who wants to win big, maybe even hit a jackpot, just to be told that you need to pour a lot more real money in just to take your winnings out? It’s a little deceptive, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best online casinos in Canada that don’t force any wager requirements on their players. We don’t want a casino with a deceptive welcome bonus to blindside you. We want you to win big and take your winnings home.

Free Spins Should Be Free even in Canada

They really shouldn’t call them free spins if you have to pay to take your winnings out. Yes, technically the spins are free, but it’s not the spins that anyone cares about. It’s the potential winnings that get everyone excited, so if those aren’t free, they shouldn’t be labeled as such. Check out our lists and pick the Canadian casino that’s right for you so you don’t get disappointed.

No Wagering Casinos

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)  

What Does No Wagering Mean?
No wagering means that you don't have to meet a wagering requirement to cash out your winnings. What you win is yours to keep, as soon as you win it.
What is a Wager Requirement?
A wager requirement is an amount of betting that you have to meet before you can cash out anything won on a bonus. Even if you win money off of a free spin, it's not yours until you meet that requirement.
What Does 30x Wagering Mean?
A 30x wagering means that you have to bet 30x the amount of your winnings before you can cash out. Basically, if you win $100, you'd have to bet a total of $3,000 before you can actually withdraw your winnings.