Casino Rewards VIP Program for Canadians 🎖️

Everybody dreams of being a major player at a Casino Rewards VIP casino. While online casinos aren’t going to comp you food or a hotel room, becoming a VIP is a very real thing. With that status, of course, comes VIP rewards. Those rewards come in many forms, including exclusive high-limit tables, personalized customer service, and sometimes even physical gifts and vacations to different areas of Canada and beyond.

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Canadian VIP Casino

Casino Rewards VIP

A VIP casino is an online casino that offers some sort of VIP program for their most loyal Canadian players. You can earn this status by earning enough points, which basically boils down to being a loyal and frequent player. The more money you bet, the more points you acquire.

Referring your friends will also get your referral bonuses which will go towards your VIP status. Playing in, and winning, special tournaments is another way to become a VIP. There are a lot of ways to earn climb the ladder in a VIP casino and it’s almost always well worth it.

VIP Rewards With Bonus

Becoming a VIP isn’t just about bragging rights (although those are nice, too). VIP rewards can be a pretty nice little sign up bonus on top of your usual playing. Being a VIP will grant you access to even more ways to win money. That’s why the status is reserved for only the most serious players.

VIPs in Canada get access to special high-limit games as well as exclusive tournaments. The casinos don’t want just anybody playing these games. They want people who are going to take it seriously and go for the big bucks. Only serious power users are the ones who are going to land VIP status. Are you one of them?

Bitcoin VIP Casinos With Gifts And More

Different Bitcoin casinos offer different VIP rewards, but some even offer expensive prizes, including vacation packages. You have to be a serious Canadian player to go after these prizes, but a lot of you already are.

That is also why you need to find a casino that offers Bitcoin to get rewarded for your dedication. We want to point you in the right direction so that you get the very most out of your online casino experience.

Casino Rewards Sites with Bonuses 2022

If you play at one of the 29 casinos that are part of the Casino Rewards Loyalty Program, you can earn bonus perks on top of the ones already provided by the casino. Basically, there are six levels to the VIP program and all you need to do to climb the ranks is spend money.

For example, for each bet you place with your money, you're earning points. Those points can then be redeemed for prizes, and the higher your VIP level, the more the points are worth. Furthermore, while the prizes start out simple, you can eventually earn things like gift cards and even free stays at 5-star hotels!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)  

What do you mean by a VIP program?
A VIP program is a loyalty system that gives players points, with each member earning rewards. The more you play, the more you accrue points. You can revel in games like slots, table games, or poker to get more prices and rewards.
How do I become a VIP member?
Joining the VIP and rewards program depends on your chosen casino. In some casinos, users automatically become VIP members immediately after registration and making their first deposit. On the other hand, some casinos require that you join the VIP club through an invite-only system.
What benefits are there for VIP or rewards members?
Although you can have many benefits as a VIP member, the rewards are different in each casino. As part of the VIP and rewards program, you can revel in a variety of bonuses for example: Free spins, Cashback and Tournament tickets.
Which games earn you more points?
The loyalty programs are different for various Canadian online casinos. Typically, playing any game like slots, blackjack and roulette will earn you points. It is advisable to check on the casino's VIP and rewards promotions before signing up.
What is a VIP casino?
A VIP is a casino loyalty program where casinos reward their most valuable customers by offering specific bonuses, free spins, gifts, and much more.
What are loyalty programs?
Loyalty programs, also known as rewards programs, VIP Clubs, or VIP Programs, are online casino schemes that reward players for their loyalty.
Are casino loyalty and rewards programs the same?
How much you wager at a casino will determine how many points you collect. When enrolling in a loyalty points based program you should check which games contribute towards the wagering as some casinos may restrict certain games.
Loyalty or VIP?
Sometimes online casinos don’t mix these two concepts. These casinos usually allow you to become a loyal member right after the registration. A typical loyal system comprises loyalty points, which you can redeem for credits later. Besides, depending on the amount of the points earned, you can level up and get new perks available for you at the next level.