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By Lars Wahlström - Updated 2023-09-14

Reading Time: 16 minutes

Deuces Wild NetEnt

Deuces Wild NetEnt is a popular single-player video poker game featuring a unique combination of classic casino characteristics and modern graphics. This well-known game is highly popular among Canadian players for its fast-paced gameplay, exciting features, and the strategic use of wild cards.

As a staple in many online casinos, Deuces Wild offers a fresh gaming experience while staying true to the original poker game.

NetEnt, the game's developer, is renowned for its high-quality casino games and innovative approach to gaming.

With Deuces Wild, they have successfully captured the essence of the classic video poker game and enhanced it with an engaging computer game look and feel. For players in Canada, this means hours of entertainment with the potential for high payouts.

In Deuces Wild, the main twist is the use of deuces as wild cards, which can substitute for any card to help create a winning hand. This added feature increases the player's chances of winning and introduces even more excitement and strategy to the game.

Thanks to NetEnt's outstanding design, Canadian players can enjoy the perfect blend of a classic, timeless game with a refreshing, contemporary twist.

Deuces Wild NetEnt Banner

Deuces Wild NetEnt Overview

Deuces Wild is a popular video poker variant developed by Net Entertainment, a leading provider in the online casino industry. This game combines the classic elements of video poker with the advanced features and aesthetics of a computer game, providing a modern and engaging gaming experience for players.

The Deuces Wild NetEnt version follows the standard rules of video poker, with the addition of the wildcard feature: all twos (deuces) in the deck act as wildcards, substituting for any other card to help form a winning hand. This unique twist adds an extra challenge and excitement to the gameplay, making it an appealing option for video poker enthusiasts.

This version also offers customizable settings, allowing players to adjust the game to their preferences. Players can choose to play up to 25 hands simultaneously, increasing the potential for bigger wins and adding a strategic element to their gaming session.

Moreover, NetEnt's top-notch visuals and animations further enhance the gaming experience, setting Deuces Wild apart from traditional video poker games.

Deuces Wild NetEnt can be found in many online casinos catering to Canadian players. As a popular and trusted software provider, Net Entertainment is committed to delivering top-quality gaming experiences, following strict security and fairness standards.

This ensures that players can enjoy Deuces Wild and other NetEnt games with confidence and peace of mind.

In summary, Deuces Wild NetEnt is a captivating and enjoyable video poker variant that introduces a refreshing twist to the conventional game. Its fast-paced gameplay, high payouts, and appealing graphics make it a sought-after choice for Canadian online casino players who seek a thrilling and rewarding video poker experience.

Deuces Wild NetEnt Overview

Gameplay and Rules

Deuces Wild is a popular video poker game developed by NetEnt, offering Canadian players a thrilling and engaging experience. In this game, the deuces (2's) act as wild cards, meaning they can substitute for any other card in the deck to create winning hands, thus increasing the chances of payouts.

The game utilizes a standard 52-card deck, providing a familiar poker environment for players.

Bets can start as low as CA$0.10, accommodating various budget preferences and offering the opportunity for exciting gameplay.

In Deuces Wild, players are dealt five cards, and they have the option to hold or discard any or all of their cards to create the best possible hand. After the draw, the game determines the outcome based on your final hand, with winning combinations ranging from a three of a kind to a natural royal flush, which holds the top prize of 4,000 coins.

NetEnt's version of Deuces Wild provides a fast-paced playing experience, complemented by a sleek and easy-to-use interface. The game also incorporates a gamble feature, where players can double their winnings by guessing the colour (red or black) of a face-down card following a winning hand.

Deuces Wild offers a unique twist to the conventional poker game, and Canadian players can find numerous online casinos to try their luck and hone their skills.

With its wild card feature, versatile betting options, and engaging gameplay, Deuces Wild is an appealing choice for both seasoned poker enthusiasts and those looking to try something new.

Gameplay and Rules

Payouts and Winning Hands

In Deuces Wild video poker by NetEnt, players aim to create winning poker hands to receive payouts. This section will discuss the various winning hands and their payouts, with all deuces acting as wild cards.

Natural Royal Flush

A Natural Royal Flush is the highest-ranking hand and consists of A, K, Q, J, and 10 of the same suit without any wild cards. Achieving this hand with a maximum bet placed can yield a top payout of 4000 coins.

Four Deuces

Four Deuces is a hand consisting of all four 2's in the deck. This winning combination results in a substantial payout that ranks just below the Natural Royal Flush in terms of importance.

Wild Royal Flush

A Wild Royal Flush is composed of a Royal Flush using one or more wild cards (deuces). This winning combination is ranked lower than a Natural Royal Flush but still offers a significant payout.

Five of a Kind

Five of a Kind consists of five cards of the same rank, possible due to the presence of wild cards in Deuces Wild video poker. This hand grants a good payout to the player.

Straight Flush

A Straight Flush consists of five consecutive cards of the same suit. This hand is ranked below the Five of a Kind but still results in a considerable payout.

Four of a Kind

Four of a Kind is a combination of four cards with the same rank. This hand gives players a notable payout and is relatively common in Deuces Wild, thanks to the wild cards.

Full House

A Full House consists of three cards with one rank and two cards with another rank. This hand provides a moderate payout.


A Flush is a hand comprised of five non-consecutive cards of the same suit. The payout for a Flush is typically lower than that of a Full House.


A Straight consists of five consecutive cards of differing suits. This hand is one of the lower-ranking winning combinations, offering a modest payout.

Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind is the lowest-ranking winning hand, consisting of three cards with the same rank. Despite its low ranking, it still provides a payout and is essential for building stronger winning combinations using wild cards.

Payouts and Winning Hands

Betting and Coins

In Deuces Wild NetEnt, players can experience a thrilling video poker game with various betting options. This classic game offers an engaging experience for both casual and serious players who are looking for a balance between affordability and winning potential.

Deuces Wild presents five bet levels, ranging from the minimum bet of CA$0.10 to a higher wager. Each bet level signifies the amount a player is willing to gamble per spin. One is the lowest coin denomination, while five represents the highest.

When placing a bet, gamers can choose bet levels and coins based on their preferences. The game also has a clear paytable to help players understand the winning hands and the corresponding payouts.

The paytable can be viewed directly on the screen when playing a single hand, or accessed via the Paytable button when gambling multiple hands.

The maximum bet in Deuces Wild NetEnt allows players to increase their chances of winning larger rewards. By choosing the highest bet level and coin value, the top prize of 4,000 coins for a Natural Royal Flush becomes a possibility.

In summary, Deuces Wild NetEnt in Canada offers an exciting video poker experience with versatile betting options. By selecting the appropriate bet levels and coin values, players can enjoy the game at their preferred pace and potential for rewards.

Betting and Coins

Double Up Feature and Bonus Rounds

In Deuces Wild NetEnt Canada, the Double Up Feature provides players with exciting opportunities to increase their winnings. This engaging video poker game incorporates an extra dimension to the gaming experience, allowing players to double their winnings through a simple yet strategic process.

After each winning hand, players have the option to use the double-up feature. In this game, you'll be presented with five cards, one face up and four face down. The objective is to select one of the four face-down cards that you believe will be higher than the face-up card.

If your selected card is higher, your winnings are doubled. Conversely, if it's lower, you lose the entire initial win. Players can choose to proceed with the double-up feature multiple times per winning hand, adding more excitement to the game.

Deuces Wild NetEnt operates under a unique twist, wherein the deuces (or twos) are designated as wild cards. This means they can substitute any other card to form a winning hand. The presence of these wild cards significantly enhances your chances of forming winning combinations throughout the game.

With the Bonus Rounds in Deuces Wild, there are several ways to achieve extra payouts in the game. First off, the natural four-of-a-kind bonus round is triggered when you have four cards of the same value without a wild card.

The payouts for this bonus round are increased, leading to more lucrative winning combinations. Additionally, the game pays extra for five of a kind, offering an increased payoff for five Aces and paying 25% more for five 3s, 4s, and 5s.

In summary, Deuces Wild NetEnt Canada's double-up feature and bonus rounds add an extra layer of excitement and opportunities for players to maximize their winnings. By strategically using these features, players can optimize their gaming experience and enjoy the thrill of this innovative video poker game.

Double Up Feature and Bonus Rounds

Return to Player and Variance

Deuces Wild is a popular video poker game developed by NetEnt, with a strong presence in the Canadian market. When it comes to evaluating the performance of this game, two essential factors to consider are the Return to Player (RTP) and the variance.

The RTP of Deuces Wild by NetEnt stands at an impressive 97.97%.

This figure indicates the amount a player can expect to win back over an extended period of play. Generally, a higher RTP means that the game is more favourable to players.

With an RTP of 97.97%, Deuces Wild offers a competitive advantage over other video poker games, making it an appealing choice for players seeking better returns on investment.

Variance, on the other hand, refers to the degree of fluctuation in the size and frequency of winnings a player may experience during a gaming session.

Deuces Wild features a low-medium variance, which means that players can expect relatively consistent winning combinations, albeit with smaller payouts. This lower level of variance offers a more stable gaming experience, without the risk of extreme ups and downs.

As for betting options, Deuces Wild allows for a minimum bet of €/$/£ 0.15 per hand, giving players with various budgets the chance to enjoy the game. However, it is crucial to remember that to maximize the benefit of the higher RTP and bonus payouts on royal flushes, a player should always opt for the maximum number of coins possible.

In summary, the RTP and variance play fundamental roles in determining the performance and potential rewards of Deuces Wild. With a strong RTP of 97.97% and a low-medium variance, this NetEnt game is an attractive option for players looking for a reliable and rewarding video poker experience.

The results of each gaming session may vary, but Deuces Wild provides a favourable balance between consistent winnings and the potential for more considerable payouts.

Return to Player and Variance

Canadian Players and Legal Information

In Canada, online gaming is overseen by five Crown corporations that regulate gaming offerings across Canadian provinces. Recently, NetEnt has made its presence more strongly felt in the country through a partnership with the International Game Technology (IGT) organization.

This agreement, signed in 2019, allowed NetEnt to provide its online games to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), further expanding gaming options for Canadian players.

However, it is essential for Canadian players to remember that online gaming is subject to regulation, and they should only engage with licensed and regulated entities. NetEnt is a reputable provider, well-known for adhering to strict regulations.

It is also a member of the publicly listed Evolution Gaming Group, demonstrating a commitment to transparency and legitimacy. This makes NetEnt a safe and trustworthy choice for Canadian players.

When it comes to navigating the online gaming landscape, privacy is a crucial aspect for players. NetEnt recognizes this and implements a comprehensive privacy policy to protect users’ information. The privacy policy outlines the company's approach towards data collection, usage, and storage while complying with the necessary legal requirements.

Moreover, the Deuces Wild Double Up game by NetEnt offers Canadian players an appealing and enjoyable experience with fast gameplay and high payouts, featuring wild substitutions and a double-up gamble feature.

The game's odds are 1 in 2.5, which correlates with a theoretical payout of 85%. With entry costs ranging from CA$0.10 to CA$3, this instant win game proposes top prizes between CA$900 and CA$60,000.

In conclusion, Canadian players can confidently access and enjoy NetEnt's Deuces Wild Double Up and other offerings, knowing that they are engaging with a licensed, regulated, and trustworthy gaming provider.

Players and Legal Information

Banking Options for Canadian Users

Canadian users looking to play Deuces Wild NetEnt can find a variety of banking options to suit their needs. Most reputable online casinos offer multiple ways to deposit and withdraw funds, making it convenient for players in Canada.

  • Credit and Debit Cards: Major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and sometimes American Express, are commonly accepted at online casinos. These options provide a quick and easy way of depositing funds, making it easy for Canadian users to start playing Deuces Wild NetEnt right away.
  • E-wallets: E-wallet services such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill also make for popular banking options. These platforms allow for easy account management and secure transactions and are particularly useful for players who prefer not to provide their card details directly.
  • Prepaid Cards: Prepaid cards from companies like Paysafecard can be an excellent choice for users who want to limit their spending or maintain a level of anonymity. These cards can be purchased in various denominations and are widely accepted among online casinos.
  • Bank Transfers: While not as instant as other methods, bank transfers are still a viable option for players who prefer traditional banking or do not have access to other deposit methods. Interac e-Transfer is a popular service used by Canadian players, enabling direct transfers from their bank accounts.
  • Cryptocurrency Users: For players interested in using cryptocurrencies, some online casinos now accept popular options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. These digital currencies offer fast transactions, low fees, and a high level of anonymity, making them attractive to some users.

It's important to note that while most casinos cater to Canadian players, it's always a good idea to double-check the available banking options before signing up. Additionally, verify any fees associated with your chosen method, as well as the processing times for deposits and withdrawals to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Banking Options

More Video Poker Games

If you are a fan of Deuces Wild NetEnt in Canada, you will be pleased to know that there are other video poker games available for you to try out. These casino games cater to various preferences and skill levels, while offering a thrilling and enjoyable gaming experience.

Classic Deuces Wild is a popular version of the game, with a familiar feel like the original Deuces Wild. Developed by NetEnt, this game presents outstanding visuals and animations with a user-friendly setup. For those who enjoy classic video poker with a twist, Classic Deuces Wild is definitely worth exploring.

Another notable video poker variant is Joker Poker. This game introduces a wildcard in the form of a Joker, which grants more opportunities for creating winning hands. Pair this exciting mechanic with the possibility of doubling your winnings in the gamble feature, and you have a game that promises hours of entertainment.

A lesser-known but equally enjoyable alternative comes from Saucify Games. This game provider hosts a variety of video poker games for players looking for unique systems and paytables. Saucify Games offers an excellent opportunity to discover fresh takes on this classic casino favorite.

When playing video poker, consider the following factors:

  • Look for the best paytables to maximize your chances of winning.
  • Choose a game with a suitable betting limit based on your bankroll.
  • Understand the game rules and strategies to make informed decisions.

In summary, there are numerous video poker games available to Canadian players who enjoy Deuces Wild NetEnt. Exploring the options from providers such as NetEnt, Saucify Games, and more, will present the opportunity to experience different mechanics, themes, and payables.

No matter your preferences, you are bound to find a game that suits your taste and provides an engaging gaming experience.

Variations and Other Video Poker Options

Choosing the Best Online Casinos

When it comes to finding the best online casinos to play Deuces Wild in Canada, there are a few key aspects to consider. These factors will ensure that you have a secure and enjoyable gaming experience while playing your favourite NetEnt games.

First and foremost, a high-quality online casino must have a diverse selection of games, including NetEnt titles such as Deuces Wild, online slots, table game variants, and video poker. The best casino operators will cater to all players' needs by offering a robust gaming library that includes popular and immersive experiences.

The next important factor to consider is the availability of safe and secure Canadian payment methods. The best online casinos in Canada will offer a wide range of options, such as credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and bank transfers. This ensures that players can deposit wagers and withdraw winnings conveniently and quickly.

Additionally, a top-rated online casino should provide smooth and seamless user experience, both on desktop and mobile devices. This means that the site should be easy to navigate, visually appealing, and compatible with various platforms, allowing you to enjoy games like Deuces Wild whenever and wherever you want.

Customer support is another essential element when choosing an online casino. The best operators will offer responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable support through channels such as live chat, email, and telephone. Assistance should be available around the clock, ensuring that players can get the help they need whenever necessary.

Lastly, ensure that the online casino is licensed and regulated by reputable organizations, such as the Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This adds an extra layer of protection and fairness to your gaming experience, as these regulators ensure that the casino adheres to strict industry standards.

In conclusion, when choosing the best online casinos in Canada featuring Deuces Wild and other NetEnt games, prioritize factors such as game variety, payment options, user experience, customer support, and licensing. These critical aspects will contribute to a confident, knowledgeable, and enjoyable experience while you play your favourite casino games.

Choosing the Right Online Casino

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic rules of Deuces Wild?

Deuces Wild is a popular video poker game where all the twos (deuces) serve as wild cards. This means they can replace any other card in the deck to create a winning hand. To start the game, you will draw five cards and then decide which cards to hold and which to discard. After you've made your decisions, new cards will replace the discarded ones, and your final hand will be evaluated for winning combinations.

How does the payout structure work?

The payout structure in Deuces Wild varies depending on the specific version you're playing and the casino you play at. However, generally speaking, the highest payout is awarded for a natural royal flush (without any wild cards), followed by four deuces, a wild royal flush, and other combinations of five consecutive cards, five-of-a-kind, and so on. The more rare and valuable the combination, the higher the payout.

Where can I play this game in Canada?

In Canada, you can play Deuces Wild NetEnt online at several reputable gaming websites and online casinos. Some of the top-rated options include Casino Canada, where you can find the Classic Deuces Wild and other NetEnt video poker games.

What are some strategies for winning?

When it comes to Deuces Wild, having a clear strategy can help increase your chances of winning. Some basic tips include focusing on keeping deuces and any other valuable cards in your hand, avoiding chasing after low-paying hands, and paying attention to the specific payout structure of the game you're playing.

Are there any special features in the NetEnt version?

NetEnt's Deuces Wild Double Up features a unique “double up” option that allows you to bet your winnings from a winning hand for a chance to double them. This gamble feature can be used multiple times, increasing the potential payout. However, it's important to use this feature wisely, as you could end up losing your winnings if you guess incorrectly.

Is there a mobile app available for Canadian players?

NetEnt's Deuces Wild is optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy the game through your smartphone or tablet using a web browser, with no need to download a separate app. This makes it accessible for players in Canada, ensuring a smooth gaming experience on the go.



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