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Facts about Sports Select

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💵 Minimum Deposit C$100
💳 Deposit Methods
⏱️ Withdrawal Times Within 24 hours
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📅 Established 2021
🏭 Owner Company Western Canada Lottery Corporation
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📞 Support Phone 1-800-665-3313

By Lars Wahlström - Updated 2023-07-26

Reading Time: 17 minutes

Sports Select

Sport Select, an offering from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, has gained popularity among Canadian sports enthusiasts over the years. As a popular sports betting platform in the country, it provides a diverse range of betting options for both professional and amateur sports leagues.

No matter which part of Canada you are in, there's no denying the enchanting appeal of trying your luck at one of these classic gaming venues.

By placing wagers on various outcomes, fans can engage in a thrilling experience while participating in their favourite sports.

This independence allows the platform to cater to a wide audience of bettors who appreciate the diverse opportunities for making their predictions and putting their knowledge of the game to the test.

As Sport Select continues to be a preferred choice among Canadian sports bettors, it is essential to understand the platform's rules, betting options, and how to navigate its system to make the most out of one's betting experience.

From learning about different wager types to keeping an eye on the latest results, users can enjoy a seamless sports betting journey by staying informed and up-to-date on all relevant information.

Sports Select Review

Sports Select Overview

Sports Select is a group of sports betting games offered by Canada's lottery corporations. Operated by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC), it provides sports enthusiasts with an opportunity to legally bet on professional and amateur sporting events. Covering a wide range of sports, it allows bettors to make wagers in a variety of ways.

In different provinces, Sports Select goes under various names – Pari Sportif in Quebec, Pro-Line in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, and Sports Action in British Columbia.

Regardless of the name, the betting rules and game types remain similar across all provinces, with betting options including PRO•LINE, OVER/UNDER, POINT SPREAD, and PROPS. Participants can even combine multiple bets on one ticket or bet on a single event.

To play Sports Select, users can either make their picks using the SPORT SELECT selection slip available at their local Lotto Spot retailer or by having their code scanned at the retailer to print a valid ticket. Once the ticket is printed, users can sit back and root for their chosen teams.

While Sports Select is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or authorized by any professional or amateur sports league or association, member teams, players, or other affiliates, it remains a legal, regulated, and popular method for Canadians to engage in sports betting.

This platform provides fans a chance to test their knowledge and intuition, all while enjoying their favourite sports.

Overall, Sports Select offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for sports bettors in Canada, enabling them to participate in their passion legally and responsibly. With a clear and straightforward process, the platform provides an exciting opportunity for Canadian sports enthusiasts to test their predictions and potentially win while following their favourite teams.

Betting Options

Sports Select in Canada offers a variety of betting options for sports enthusiasts. The most popular betting options include point spread, odds, over/under, pools, decimal odds, and combo play.

Point spread is a popular form of betting where the outcome of the event is determined by the difference in points scored by the two competing teams. This type of betting aims to provide a level playing field for the underdog by giving them an advantage. For example, if a team is given a +3 point spread, they can still win the bet if they lose the game by fewer than three points.

Odds are used to express the likelihood of a particular outcome in a sporting event. Sports Select offers different formats of odds, with decimal odds being the most common in Canada. Decimal odds represent the total amount that will be returned to a bettor for every unit of currency wagered. For example, an odd of 1.50 means a bettor will receive C$1.50 for every C$1 they bet if they win the bet.

Over/under betting involves betting on whether the total points scored by both teams in a game will be over or under a predetermined number set by the bookmaker. This type of betting is especially popular in high-scoring sports like basketball and football.

Pools betting in Sport Select is where bettors must predict the outcome of a series of events to have a chance at winning the pool. The prize pool is made up of the combined stakes of all the bettors participating in the pool, and the winnings are divided among those who correctly predicted the outcomes.

Combo play is a type of parlay bet where bettors must choose multiple outcomes to place a single bet. To win a combo play bet, all the selected outcomes must be correct. While the risk is higher, the potential payouts for winning a combo play can be significantly greater due to the increased odds of combining multiple selections.

In summary, Sports Select in Canada offers numerous betting options to cater to different preferences and interests. Whether you're a fan of point spread, odds, over/under, pools, decimal odds, or combo play, there's something for everyone.

Keep in mind that with each betting option comes its own level of risk and potential reward, so it's essential to understand the dynamics of each before placing a bet.

Sports Select My Picks

Popular Sports

In Canada, sports play a significant role in the culture, with a wide range of popular games enjoyed by both spectators and participants alike. Among these, some of the most prominent sports include soccer, football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, and mixed martial arts (MMA).

Ice hockey stands out as the most popular sport in Canada, with its deep history and suitable climate. In fact, it has been declared “Canada's National Winter Sport” by the Parliament. Approximately 21 million fans follow the sport, and about 15.6 million Canadians watched the Stanley Cup Finals in 2022.

Soccer also has a substantial fan base in Canada. As the most popular sport globally, soccer has been gaining momentum in Canada with the growth of Major League Soccer (MLS) and the Canadian Premier League (CPL).

Canadian football is another favorite in the country, a distinct variation of American football with a few differences in rules and team structure. The Canadian Football League (CFL) is the top professional league for Canadian football and has gained a dedicated following nationwide.

Although the NFL is an American league, it also garners a substantial following in Canada, with many Canadians supporting NFL teams and watching the league's games.

Basketball has continued to grow in popularity, especially in recent years with the success of the Toronto Raptors in the NBA. This increased interest has led to more young players joining basketball leagues and aspiring to succeed at the professional level.

Baseball, considered the national pastime of the United States, has a strong following in Canada as well. The Toronto Blue Jays, the only Canadian MLB team, boasts a large fan base that spans across the country, contributing to the popularity of the sport.

MMA is another sport that has been gaining popularity in Canada, with athletes like Georges St-Pierre and Rory MacDonald representing the country on the international stage. The fandom for this sport has spread beyond its base of hardcore fans to include a broader range of Canadians who appreciate the sport's athleticism and skill.

These sports all play a significant role in Canada's diverse athletic landscape. The popularity of these sports has led to the development of various leagues, tournaments, and competitions that Canadians passionately follow and participate in, contributing to the nation's rich sporting culture.

Sports Select Popular Sports

Rules and Regulations

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) governs the rules and regulations of Sport Select, a sports betting platform in Canada. This organization oversees the legality of betting and ensures fair gameplay for sports enthusiasts in various provinces, such as Alberta and Ontario.

In Sport Select, bettors can engage in multiple types of bets, such as parlays, where they have to predict the outcome of multiple games accurately to win. One popular betting option in Sport Select is the POOLS game, where participants must forecast the results of every game on a POOLS card.

  • Ties and NFL games: When betting on events like NFL games or other sports leagues, participants should be aware that a tie outcome is a crucial factor. If a ticket selection includes games that have commenced or completed, the Odds values for Visitor Win, Tie, and Home Win outcomes will be assigned at 1.00 for the respective games on that ticket.
  • Betting variety: Sport Select offers a mix of betting options such as PRO•LINE, OVER/UNDER, POINT SPREAD, and PROPS, enabling bettors to combine different types of bets on a single ticket. This flexibility allows for more excitement and ways to engage in sports betting.
  • Limitations and liabilities: It is essential to note that Sport Select is neither associated with nor authorized by professional or amateur sports leagues, teams, players, or affiliates. Any risks or liabilities that come with gambling on such a platform fall under the Rules and Regulations Respecting Lotteries and Gaming by WCLC.

As a bettor, keeping these rules and regulations in mind while participating in Sport Select Canada games will ensure a fair and enjoyable experience. It is crucial to stay informed about the legality and practical aspects of sports betting in the Canadian landscape.

Payout and Winning Information

Sport Select is a popular sports betting option in Canada, offering a variety of wager types, including Pro-Line, Over/Under, Point Spread, and Futures. Players can combine different types of bets on a single ticket for a chance at even greater payouts.

Payouts for Sport Select are calculated by multiplying the amount wagered by the odds associated with each winning selection from the active Pro-Line and Over/Under game list. This means that the potential payout depends on the odds selected and the size of the wager. Keep in mind that payouts can vary significantly depending on the odds and the number of selections on a ticket.

For Pro-Line bets, players need to predict the outcome of multiple events and the odds for each event are multiplied together to determine the payout. Combo play is available for this wager type, allowing users to choose between 3 and 6 games for their Pro-Line ticket. The more games selected, the lower the chances of winning, but the higher the potential payout.

With the Over/Under option, players wager on whether the combined score of both teams will be over or under a predetermined number. The payout here also depends on the odds associated with the chosen selection.

Point Spread wagers involve betting on whether a team will cover the spread by winning or losing by a certain number of points. When making this type of bet, the payout is influenced by the odds associated with the chosen point spread.

Futures bets involve predicting the long-term outcomes of events, such as the winner of a championship. These bets typically have longer odds, resulting in potentially larger payouts. However, the risk associated with these wagers is also higher since predicting the final outcome of a season can be difficult.

It's important to note that while Sport Select is a popular option for sports betting, their potential payouts may be lower compared to those offered by online sportsbooks such as OLG or Sports Interaction. For instance, the payout for a specific combination at Sports Interaction could be higher than the payout for the same combination at Sport Select.

In conclusion, the payouts for Sport Select bets depend on the odds, the type of bet, and the number of selections on a ticket. Players should carefully consider their options and evaluate the potential returns before placing a wager.

 Sports Select Futures

Provincial Betting Services

In Canada, sports betting services vary across different provinces, with each region offering its tailor-made system. Sport Select is a prominent group of sports betting games provided through the respective province's lottery corporation.

In Ontario, the sports betting program is called Pro-Line. Bettors can enjoy single-game sports betting since the enactment of Bill C-218 in August 2021, which allowed provincially run lotteries to offer single-event wagering. Pro-Line offers a range of betting options, including point spread, pools, and props, catering to a diverse set of sports enthusiasts.

Québec offers a sports betting program known as Pari Sportif. Similar to other provinces, Pari Sportif permits bettors to engage in single-game sports betting on various events, boasting a wide selection of sports and wager types. This provision caters to local sports fans and avid gamblers in Québec.

In British Columbia (BC), the provincial sports betting program is called Sports Action. With the enactment of Bill C-218, BC residents can now enjoy single-event wagering through Sports Action. This betting option enables players to explore a vast array of sports and markets, ensuring an enjoyable and diverse betting experience.

Alberta is part of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC), which offers Sport Select to its participating regions. Alberta residents can take advantage of sports betting games, such as point spread, pools, and props, under the Sport Select umbrella. This affords local bettors the convenience of numerous betting options in their home province.

Overall, each province in Canada has its specific sports betting service tailored to the preferences and requirements of the local betting community. With the introduction of single-event wagering in Canada, the sports betting landscape continues to evolve, offering improved and varied options for bettors from coast to coast.

Online Sportsbooks and Alternatives

Online sportsbooks in Canada provide avid bettors with multiple options to indulge in their favourite sports events. Among these options, Sports Interaction is a popular choice for Canadian bettors. They offer a wide range of betting options, covering various sports, ensuring a comprehensive experience for users.

In addition to online sportsbooks, Sport Select is another platform that caters to sports betting enthusiasts in Canada. Operated by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, Sport Select has a substantial following despite its limitations compared to some online sportsbooks. Nonetheless, it covers popular leagues, especially American football, which attracts a significant number of bettors.

As sports betting gains popularity, companies have started offering bonuses and promotions to attract and retain customers.

Some of these incentives include welcome bonuses, free bets, and cashback offers. Such rewards can enhance users' overall betting experience and make participating in sports events even more enjoyable and lucrative.

When exploring alternative platforms for sports betting in Canada, it's essential to consider the key factors that contribute to a satisfying experience. Elements such as a user-friendly interface, diverse betting options, and attractive promotions can significantly impact a bettor's satisfaction.

In conclusion, online sportsbooks and platforms like Sports Interaction and Sport Select have made sports betting more accessible and convenient for Canadians. As the industry evolves and options expand, bettors can expect an even richer experience, with more opportunities and rewards.

Playing Sports Select

Sports Select is a popular sports betting game available in Canada. Offered by various lottery corporations across the country, it's known as Pari Sportif in Quebec, Pro-Line in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, and Sports Action in British Columbia.

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy making wagers on various games and events, aiming to correctly predict outcomes and potentially win big.

Typically, the game list is updated on a weekly basis, with games played on Mon, Wed, Thu, and Fri. New games and events are often posted through the week, so it's important to keep an eye on the most recent updates. Players can access the list through the official Sport Select website or by visiting their nearest convenience store, where the game list is usually displayed.

To play Sports Select, players can make up to eight picks per ticket. Single-event wagering is also available for events marked with an “S.” Additionally, wager options are offered up to C$100, and all of your picks must be correct to win. Keep in mind that odds and wagering times are updated in real-time and are subject to change, so it's essential to stay up-to-date on the latest information.

In Sports Select, you can mix and match different wager types all on the same ticket, or bet on a single event. These wager types include:

  • PRO•LINE: Wager on the outcome of multiple games or events.
  • OVER/UNDER: Predict whether the total points scored in a game will be over or under a set number.
  • POINT SPREAD: Bet on the point difference between two teams in a game.
  • PROPS: Wager on various aspects of a game, such as player performance, individual statistics, and more.

To participate in Sports Select games, visit your local convenience store to purchase tickets or make your selections online. Make sure to check game lists frequently, as they are subject to updates and changes throughout the week. Good luck, and have fun playing this exciting game!

Playing Sports Select

Comparing Odds and Betting Options

Sport Select Canada offers various betting options and sports for players to bet on, such as soccer, baseball, football, and hockey. Despite these diverse possibilities, the platform receives numerous complaints from Canadian gamblers due to poor odds and capped wagering combinations.

The drawbacks are substantial enough to overshadow the benefits for many players.

When comparing Sport Select to online sportsbooks available to North American and European sports bettors, the difference in potential payouts becomes even more evident. For instance, a payout at Sports Interaction is C$145.79, whereas Sport Select's payout is only C$88.50.

This means that you could win almost double betting online compared to Sport Select, and this difference would become more pronounced if you add more legs to the parlay.

Since December 2021, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation has introduced new features for sports bettors through Sport Select, including single-game betting, real-time odds, futures, and more. Despite these expansions, Sport Select still lags in providing competitive odds compared to the best sports betting sites and sportsbooks in Canada.

Among the common betting options, point spreads are popular among sports bettors in North America. While Sport Select does offer this type of wager, the odds are not as competitive as those found on popular online sportsbooks. As a result, Canadian players seeking more value are inclined to explore alternative platforms.

In conclusion, comparing odds and betting options for Sport Select highlights the limitations that this particular platform faces. The poor odds, capped wagering, and limited offerings make it a less-than-ideal choice for Canadian gamblers who seek competitive, diverse, and fair opportunities in the sports betting market.

For those who prioritize winning potential and a range of betting options, top-ranked sports betting sites and sportsbooks might be a better option.

Resources and Support

Sport Select Canada offers a variety of resources and support options for those interested in sports betting and the Canadian sporting scene. With a primary focus on customer satisfaction, they ensure that users access help and information when needed.

You can reach their customer support via email, allowing users to ask questions and address any concerns about the platform. They are dedicated to providing prompt and efficient assistance, ensuring smooth and enjoyable sports betting experiences for customers.

Various sports are featured on the Sport Select Canada platform, including college football, professional baseball, and major league baseball (MLB). They are committed to offering a wide selection of betting options across different leagues and sports, catering to diverse preferences and encouraging active participation.

The platform understands the importance of offering responsible gambling resources, ensuring that users are well-informed about the responsible use of their services. They provide details on responsible capping, helping users maintain healthy betting habits and prevent potential issues associated with excessive betting.

Overall, Sport Select Canada remains dedicated to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for Canadians interested in sports betting. With a strong focus on customer service and support, they work tirelessly to ensure a seamless experience for all users.

 Sports Select Resources and Support

The Betting Experience

At SPORT SELECT, the betting experience offers a range of options for sports enthusiasts looking to test their knowledge and predictions. As a licensed platform, SPORT SELECT ensures a secure and trustworthy betting environment. This is particularly important as betting has become increasingly popular across Canada.

When placing bets on your favourite sports, you'll come across various types of predictions such as home win, away win, and draw. However, it's essential to keep in mind that the odds offered by SPORT SELECT may not always be competitive in comparison to other online sportsbooks. This may result from the platform being operated by Western Canada Lottery Corporation, a non-profit entity.

SPORT SELECT provides bettors with diverse betting options, including popular games such as PRO•LINE, OVER/UNDER, POINT SPREAD, and PROPS. These games can be easily combined on the same ticket or wagered individually. Moreover, you can also engage in the POOLS game, where you compete against other sports fans by predicting outcomes on the POOLS card.

One aspect that sets SPORT SELECT apart is its accessibility. As a government-operated platform, it is available at numerous retail locations, including licensed gas stations, supermarkets, and other convenience stores. This makes it convenient for customers to place their bets whenever they want, without needing to rely solely on online platforms.

Overall, SPORT SELECT offers a unique betting experience for sports enthusiasts across Canada. With various games, accessibility, and the confidence of a licensed platform, SPORT SELECT caters to a broad audience while ensuring a reliable betting experience.

 Sports Select Results

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play Sports Select?

To play Sports Select, you must select a minimum of two games from any Sport Select game list. You can then predict the outcome of each game by choosing a Visitor Win (V), Home Win (H), or a tie (T) on a Point Spread ticket or a Visitor Win (V) or a Home Win (H) on a Proline ticket. Make your selections on a game board or fill out a Selection Slip at a retail location. You can then purchase the ticket at a lottery retail location.

Can I purchase Sports Select online?

Unfortunately, as of now, Sports Select cannot be played online. You must visit a lottery retail location to make your selections and purchase a ticket.

What is the process of Sports Select?

Sports Select involves predicting outcomes of professional and amateur sports events. Players choose from several sports, including football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and more. The goal is to correctly predict the outcomes of matchups based on factors such as odds, team form, and player performances.

Who operates Sport Select in Canada?

Sport Select is operated by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC), which is responsible for managing and conducting lottery, gaming, and bingo activities on behalf of the provincial governments of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. WCLC is not associated with any professional or amateur sports league or association.

What are the recent winning results for Sports Select pools?

To find the most recent winning results for Sports Select pools, you can visit the official WCLC website or check your local lottery retailer. Results are updated regularly after the completion of games.

Where can I access the Proline game list for today?

The Proline game list for today can be found at participating lottery retail locations or on the official WCLC website. The game list provides matchups, odds, and game numbers for you to make your selections.

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